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May 7, 2002

In a special meeting before approximately 100 people at Albion High School, Albion College President Peter Mitchell announced new plans for an Albion Full Service Health Care Center.

The center will be a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and is being funded through grants from the Battle Creek Community Foundation, the Battle Creek Health System, Oaklawn Hospital, the Albion Community Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation. So far, at least one million dollars has been secured for the creation of the center. An additional annual appropriation of $550,000 is expected with the help of Dr. A. J. Jones, President of the Family Health Center in Battle Creek, through a grant to the Bureau of Primary Health Care. This application received a score of 92 our of 100 points in assessing the need for an FQHC in Albion.

The Albion Health Center will be located in downtown Albion, near the Stoffer Plaza, at the location of the Albion Grain Elevator. When fully operational, the Albion location will employ 26 people and be approximately 8,500 square feet in size. The Albion Grain Elevator has made plans to relocate their business to a Marshall location. The Albion Meat Locker may also relocate to make additional room for the Wellness Center.

The plan for Albion Health Care is a Calhoun County oriented project, with significant help from Oaklawn Hospital of Marshall, and the Battle Creek Health System.

The new Urgent Care Center, operated by Foote Hospital of Jackson, will continue to operate at the Cherry Hill location.


The New Family Health Center for Albion will include primary care health, dental, pharmacy and behavorial health.

Please sign the Albion guestbook with comments or answers to these questions:

1- What would you like to see when you first enter the new Health Center?

2-What services do you feel the new Health Center should offer?

3-Would you like to use the services at the Health Center?

Please give a reason for your answer.



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