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From: Frank Passic
900 S. Eaton St.
Albion, MI 49224

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These items make great gifts as historical momentoes from our town, and are representative of our rich heritage. It is amazing to realize how many different numismatic items were issued from our community. Through years of searching at coin shows throughout the midwest over the past 20 years, I have been able to bring these extra tokens and medals back "home," and offer to you these seldom-seen numismatic items.

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By the way, here are some Numismatic articles.

FESTIVAL OF THE FORKS ELONGATED CENT. Our annual ethnic festival attracts thousands of persons each fall. The latest numismatic item issued in conjunction with the Festival is an elongated cent (a "penny" is a British monetary unit; the U.S. uses the term cent) featuring the 1999 Festival logo theme, "Albion Across the USA." These were rolled out on site by Raymond Dillard, president of the Michigan State Numismatic Society, at the Albion History Booth of yours truly. These make great inexpensive souvenirs of the festival and are the first numismatic item issued for the Festival since the Festival trade dollars were discontinued. Elongated cents are made with a special die. A cent is placed in the slot and rolled/pressed along the die, creating an image on one side, and a stretched-out Abraham Lincoln on the other.

1999 Albion Festival of the Forks Elongated Coin

The obverse features an outline map of the United States, with a "star" on Albion, Michigan. The text states, "33rd Annual Festival of the Forks, Sept 18, 1999 Albion, Michigan. Albion Across the USA. Frank Passic, Historian." The Festival logo is on the right. 700 of these were made, and I still have plenty of them left. They are only 50¢ each. If ordering by mail, please enclosed a self-addressed-stamped envelope, with one stamp per cent ordered. Note: The 1999 Festival theme was submitted by this historian, in recognition of the over dozen Albion’s that are located across our country, with Albion, Michigan being the biggest of them all.

Some collector sets were made containing elongated 1¢, 5¢, 10¢ and 25¢ coins packaged in a celophane holder. About a dozen were made, and these are offered at $5.00 each plus $2.00 p & h.

1999 Albion Festival of the Forks, set of four

Of special interest however, is the ELONGATED BADGE that was issued using the same elongated-cent die. One hundred thirty (130) red-white-blue badges containing an elongated states commemorative QUARTER were made. Thirty-six (36) of them were presented to dignitaries, leaving only 100 available to the public. Many of these were sold at the Festival (September 18, 1999) and I have only a few left. These are certainly collector items and anyone collecting Festival memorabilia needs to get one before they are sold out. First come, first serve at $3.50 each plus $1.50 p & h.

1999 Albion Festival of the Forks Badge

FESTIVAL OF THE FORKS TRADE DOLLARS. These were issued from 1978 through 1986, and designed by William M. Wheaton, our former Mayor of Albion. They were issued at "face value" ($1 or $2) and supposedly could be spent at local businesses. Most however were put away in boxes and drawers as collector’s items. They rarely appear on the market today.

These bronze tokens measure 1½ inches in diameter, and were minted by the Medallic Art Company of Danbury, Connecticut. The obverse features the flowing Kalamazoo River design, with the numeral of the Festival (beginning with the 12th, 1978) on top. Next follows the text, "...Annual Festival of the Forks, Albion, Michigan," the expiration date of October 31, and the year.










One dollar, 1978 and 1979

Two dollars, all the rest

Reverse sides: 1978 and 1979 have the $1 reverse, the others have the $2 reverse. The designer’s initials appear below.

COMPLETE SET 1978-1986 $50 (save $20). $5 postage and handling for each order, will be sent in priority envelope. If you order more than 1 token in one order it is still just $5 shipping total no matter how many you order at once.

Frank Reichow tavern aluminum token, "Good for 5¢ In Trade." Circa 1930s. 114 S. Superior St. This business later became the Stag Bar, and was purchased by Cascarelli Tavern in 1978. This token AU-UNC, $10. Please add $3.00 p & h.

Obverse side

Reverse side

SCHOOL BONDS. These professionally produced bonds were issued in $1,000 denominations to raise moneyto build new schools in Albion in the 1920s and the 1950s. These were purchased by a variety of investors, including various foreign governments and private individuals. Each bond contained interest coupons which were paid semi-annually in installments for usually 20 years.

Each cancelled bond comes with a research sheet that I have prepared, giving a history of what this bond raised money for, and other interesting details. Most have a couple of matching interest coupons. These are excellent for framing, and some have beautiful renditions of the American eagle. $35 each, except where noted.

1. Bond dated January 15, 1922. Issued to construct a west wing high school addition to the Central School complex. This was the first of three sections which eventually became Washington Gardner High School. Hand signed by board president George E. Dean and secretary Alice B. Foote.

January 15, 1922 School Bond

2. Bond dated September 15, 1926. Issued to construct an elementary east wing to the Central School complex. Hand signed by board president Alvin Dice, and secretary Margaret Ramsdell. Beautiful green American eagle on top.

Sept 15, 1926 School Bond

3. Bond dated July 2, 1927. Issued to replace the Central School complex to match the new west and east wings. Renamed Washington Gardner High School ($500 denomination also available). Hand signed by board president Alvin Dice, and secretary Margaret Ramsdell.

July 2, 1927 School Bond

4. School refunding bond, 1934. $500 denomination. Issued during the Great Depression to pay off the school bonds issued during the 1920s. Printed on legal size Hammermill Security Paper. Hand signed by board president Alvin Dice, and secretary Carl M. Craeger. $20.

1934 School Bond Refund Document

5. Bond dated June 1, 1950. Issued to build an addition to the Dalrymple Elementary School, and to construct a new elementary school on the north side of town (North School). Beautiful brown eagle on top. Hand signed by board president C. Reginald Smith, and secretary George V. Mather.

June 1, 1950 School Bond

6. Bond dated January 1, 1954. Issued to construct the Crowell Elementary School. Beautiful ORANGE eagle on top! Hand signed by board president Everett C. Cavanagh, and secretary Karin Swanson.

January 1, 1954 School Bond

7. Bond dated January 1, 1956. Issued to construct the Harrington Elementary School. Another ORANGE eagle! Hand signed by board president Cari Reginald Smith, and secretary Karin Swanson.

January 1, 1956 School Bond

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