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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


By Frank Passic, Albion, Michigan.
Midwest Dive News, Volume 8 No. 8, August 2012, pp. 16-17.

Michigan divers have been discovering a new dive site that was recently developed at Lime Lake, located in Jackson County in Spring Arbor, a mile south of Spring Arbor University. The dive site is located along the Falling Waters Trail, an old railroad bed which was developed a few years ago. In the early 20th century, marl was harvested from the swampland and the lake was formed as a result. The marl was shipped by rail to make Portland cement. Operations ceased in 1929.

What was left was a bizarre underwater scene of mountains, pillars, and spires where areas were missed by the mining operations. The scene somewhat resembles a coral reef without the coral. Dive clubs from south-central Michigan have been discovering and diving the lake on a regular basis. A dive site at the lake has been developed by Diverís Mast of nearby Jackson. It is marked by dive flags on the trees, tank benches, and a short walking path to the lake. The formations are found in the central portion of the lake adjacent to the Trail. The depth is only 30 feet, so even beginner divers can enjoy the scenery. This lake keeps its visibility quite well, and is known for its snapping turtles. Donít forget your underwater camera.

To get there, take M-60 to Spring Arbor University. Turn south at the blinking light on Teft Road. Go one mile south, where there will be a sharp curve to the right. Instead of taking the curve, turn left and go down the hidden driveway there to a small parking lot. Do not dive the smaller north fishing lake there, but instead walk up (south) the small path a short distance to the Falling Waterís Trail, where a chain-link fence is located just across from the dive site. It is easily visible by a diverís flag on the tree. Most divers choose to suit up in the parking area and walk with their equipment to the dive site, as it is only a short distance. There is a distinct drop-off along the edge of the trail which can be easily seen. The Falling Waters Trail is also excellent for bicycling for those who would like to make it a family event. There is also a nearby Lime Lake Park with picnic facilities and a boat launch.

The dive site

For a map of the dive site with directions and more information, e-mail this writer at Albionfp@hotmail.com. "Store dives" are sponsored here at least once a month by Diverís Mast in Jackson, diversmast@gmail.com or www.diversmast.com, and at other times by Sub-Aquatic Sports of Battle Creek info@sassdive.com, or www.sassdive.com.

Divers suiting up

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