Historical Albion Michigan
By Frank Passic

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Numismatic Articles

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The Numismatist, The Mich-Matist, Balzekas Lithuanian Museum Review, Morning Star, Albion Recorder

The Numismatist

Find a Numismatic Grave
October 2006

Albion Bank Scandal
January 1998

Displaced Person's Camp Money
August 1984, by Frank Passic and Stephen A. Feller

The Medals of Petras Rimsa
May 1983

Lithuanian-American Lodge Tokens of Chicago
May 1981

The Mich-Matist

The Mich-Matist is published by the Michigan State Numismatic Society

Mayhew Business College Scrip Notes Discovered with 1870 Business Course Kit
Volume XLV-1, #167.

An Assortment of Unlisted Michigan Advertising �Good-For� Trade Token Mirrors
Spring, 2003

Palwaukee Airport (Illinois) Featured on Lithuanian Banknote
Winter 2003

Tokens of the Albion Malleable Iron Company
Spring 2002

Stolen diamonds, the Albion-Charlotte Railroad, and a token of innocence
Spring 2001

1889-90 Albion College Currency
Winter 2001

Duck Lake Token Issued by Boathouse
Spring 2000

New Ira Mayhew College Scrip Denomination Surfaces
Winter 1999

Gale Manufacturing issued civil war token
Summer 1998

Balzekas Lithuanian Museum Review

January-February-March 2006

October-November-December 2005

Morning Star

January 1, 2006
�Good for 5� in Trade� tokens

Horace S. Ismon
December 16, 2001

An Albion College $2 bill
December 31, 2000

Sheldon Hospital Radio Tokens
November 29, 1998

Calhoun County Fair Token
July 12, 1998

The Cheapest and the Best
April 20, 1998

Gale Token
April 19, 1998

Comstock Brothers, Albion druggists during Civil War
January 5, 1998

Festival of the Forks Trade Dollars
September 7, 1997

Albion National Banknotes
November 17, 1996

Albion Malleable "Chips"
June 9, 1996

Foodstamp Tokens
March 3, 1996

McGuire Brothers, Part 1, Horsehead Token
July 9, 1995

2 and � Cents Worth
December 18, 1994

Albion Banknote
September 11, 1994

Albion Recorder

Parker Inn Prominent Landmark
March 28, 2002

Historic Albion College Medals Photographed in Colorado Classroom
August 10, 1998

Real Albion Money Once Circulated Here
January 26, 1998

Murdock Block on Erie Street is Filled with History
August 4, 1997

George Mitchell Confectionery was favorite hangout in the early 20th century
June 9, 1997, pg. 4

McGuire Saloon was Prominent in Early 20th Century
June 16, 1997

Early Hotel Saw Lots of Business
April 28, 1997

Trade Currency Circulated Here in 1933
June 10, 1978

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