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Emergency/Urgent Care Services
Non-Emergency Health Care Services
Albion Health Care Update

Emergency/Urgent Care Services

City of Albion
Emergency Hotline (Fire/Police/Ambulance) 911
City of Marshall
Oaklawn Hospital 200 N. Madison 616/781-4271
Emergency Department/Urgent Care 616/781-4271
City of Battle Creek
Battle Creek Health System 300 North Ave. 616/966-8000
Emergency Department 616/966-8111
Med Service 680 W. Columbia 616/965-4500
City of Jackson
Foote Hospital 205 N. East Ave. 517/788-4800
Emergency Department 517/788-4811
Express Care Central 517/788/6760
(Urgent Care, 205 S. East Ave., across from Foote Hospital)
Express Care West 517/788-6095
(Urgent Care, 815 W. Michigan Ave, near West Avenue)
Foote Behavioral Health Services 517/789-5971
(24-hour access, crisis intervention)
MedPlus After Hours Clinic 875 Laurence (west side) 517/787-0544
3235 E. Michigan Ave. 517/787-7587

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Non-Emergency Health Care Services

City of Albion
Trillium Hospital has established a toll-free general information line at 888/430-8868, operating Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. You should call your doctor's office if you have specific questions about your personal health care needs.
Trillium Hospital Patient Accounts   517/629-7978
Trillium Hospital Medical Records   517/629-7961
Albion Area Ambulance Service (non-emergency line) 517/629-9432
Calhoun County (transportation for senior citizens) 877/645-5243 (toll-free)
Calhoun County Health Department 101 N. Albion 517/629-9434
City of Marshall
Fountain Clinic 122 High 616/781-0952

Albion Health Care Update

This information provided by:
The Greater Albion Alliance
309 N. Superior St., Albion, Michigan 49224

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