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The 2002 Neighboohood Watch Picnic was deemed a success by all who attended. The weather was fine, the food was good, and the mood was cheerful.
One of the chefs, Chief L.J. McKeown, here poses with Jackson's "Captain Jackson" and "Crimefighter Girl." All three were also present at last year's event.
Here, some of Albion's Public Safety officers stand on guard to watch over the table of food.
Crimefighter Girl finds some other civic minded friends in Maggie LaNoue, Albion designer, and city Council person Sue Klepper.
At right, Neighborhood Watch mastermind Hazel Vandevender shares a humorous anedote with some of the other guests at the picnic. See more comments about Hazel at the bottom of this page.
No Albion event would be complete without a display of some kind by Frank Passic. On this day, his coin display is known to have spurred at least one young collector on to a new hobby.

Albion Public Safety officers (here out of uniform) are planning new safety programs for the city, or which dessert to eat first.



Crimefighter Girl (at left)
Tom Brown (at right)
Others who are pictured did not request that to be in so many of the photos. Photo credits below.

Our favorite Albion Public Safety officer, Chief McKeown thanks the Neighborhood Watch groups for their help in keeping Albion a safe and great place to live.
Our favorite City Official, Mayor Bill Wheaton, here shows appreciation for the crime fighting efforts of Jackson's Crime Fighter Girl.

Last but not least, the pair who fearlessly fight crime, and fearlessly came to help Albionites consume our potluck luncheon.


We thank these two for their attendance, their photographs, and the special message below.


Learn more about Captain Jackson here.


    We would like to thank the wonderful residents of Albion who have invited us into their community as well as to their third annual Neighborhood Watch Picnic. It was an honor for both CRIMEFIGHTER GIRL and myself.

    We also wish to thank Mayor Bill Wheaton, Public Safety Chief L.J. McKeown, members of the Albion City Council, Lt. Gerry McQueen, Maggie LaNoue, the Albion Neighborhood Watch groups, the attending Public Safety officers, Camille Simpson and especially Hazel Vandevender.
    People call us "Super Heroes" because of the uniforms we wear and the work we do with the local police and community. But you don't need a special uniform to be a "Super Hero". In fact, the city of Albion has it's very own. Her name is Hazel Vandevender.

    Albion is a unique community in that the size of the neighborhood watch groups per-capita far exceeds that of most communities throughout the country. And from what I have been told by many local citizens, this is all because of Hazel. 

    While our mission is to educate the citizenry about working with the police, it's people like Hazel that really make a difference. So the next time you cross paths with Hazel, be sure to give her a salute.
No one in Albion better deserves it! 


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