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The Downtown Development Authority and the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce extend their sincere apologies to those who showed their commitment to our great community during this busy holiday season by attending the premiere of "Turn Left on Hastings Street" last night. (Friday, December 20).

Our naïveté, hospitable nature, and enthusiastic interest in the history of Albion made us vulnerable to some who are hungry for fame and fortune. The Purple Gang was indeed a part - albeit notorious - of our history. Facts about the gang's Albion connections can be found in the Historic Albion Purple Gang Walking Tour which is available at the Downtown Development Authority and the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce.

While we believe the history of Albion would and will someday make an excellent subject for a film, the feature which was shown on Friday was not the vision we had in mind. We remain committed to extending help to those who wish
to promote our community in positive ways.We applaud the hard work that so many of our friends, neighbors and community members put into the project and look forward to seeing their talents displayed in more appropriate venues.

In order to achieve a goal it is often necessary to take risks. While we consider Friday's event regrettable, we also realize that we have gained valuable knowledge from this. And while the film may not have been what we expected and or wished it to be, we appreciate the willingness of local volunteers who assisted with the project and the marvelous turnout of patrons who attended the premiere. We thank all those who turned out in support of our community and look forward to continuing to promote Albion's rich history, talented residents, and hard working business community in the years to come.

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