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Noisy-le-Roi Mayor Michel Colin


Albion Mayor Bill Wheaton
Above: Both Mayors enjoy Albion's Festival of the Forks, 2000

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           on anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001

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New!Read Mayor Wheaton's speech in Noisy-le-Roi,           Sept. 2000 (en francaise!)

New!Mayor Wheaton's speech in Noisy, June 2001

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Sister city affiliations between the U.S. and other nations began shortly after World War II, developing into a national intitiative in 1956. Over 1,100 U.S. cities are now able to better participate in the global arena, thanks to sister city communities spanning 122 countries worldwide.


In 1997, the City of Albion began a Sister City relationship with Noisy-le-Roi, France, a city of 8,500 citizens near Paris.

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What Is The Sister City Doing?


Information booth at Albion Expo

Displays at Albion Public Library and Chamber of Commerce Office

Information booth at Festival Of Forks

Sister City Relationship was theme of the 1998 Festival of Forks

Provided materials for an Albion display in Noisy-le-Roi

Float in the 1998 Festival of Forks Parade

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Co-sponsored French film with APALS - 1998, 1999

Co-sponsored International Week at Albion College - 1999

Sent B-Sharps to France for Noisy's Festival (18, including chaperones) - 1998

Exchanges of middle-school students (17, including chaperones) - 1999

Albion College students to France (30, including chaperones) - 1998, 1999

Individual visits -

Albion to Noisy (17)

Noisy to Albion (14)


Total Visits: 115

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What's In The Sister City Program For Albion?


Exploring another culture

Middle and high school student exchanges

Connections with foreign collectors and hobbyists

Language education

Athletic exchanges

Technology knowledge gains

Economic development

Exchange of professionals

Production knowledge sharing

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Location: 15 Miles west of Paris, 4 miles north west of Versailles with population of 8,500


History: Founded in the 12th

Century, property once belonged to Louis XIV


Schools: 3 preschools, 2 elementary, 1 middleschool, and highschool in town 4 miles away


Temperature: Average daily high in June 73 degrees, low 55


Civic Organizations: Rotary, Lions, Blood Bank, and Outreach


Hospital: Emergency medicine and ambulance only, 4 miles away an ultra modern hospital


Shopping: 1 supermarket and 1 stripmall


Restaurants: 2 in Noisy-le Roi, no fast food restaurants


Work Force: Professional, high tech, business


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The mission of the Sister City Committee of Albion is to promote an appreciation of cultural diversity and a global perspective.

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1. Encourage and support people-to-people interactions, a sharing of knowledge and ideas.


2. Mutual cooperation.


3. Municipal partnerships.


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