Squirrel Square - an idea for downtown Albion


Description of project concept - Click Here

2014- We have an artist to do the Squirrel sculpture.
Nick Jakubiak won 10th place in Art Prize in 2013 for his "Tired Panda" sculpture
and would like to create Sparky the Squirrel for Albion. Here is info about Nick: http://www.artprize.org/nick-jakubiak-1
Nick is also known for the larger than life "Trout" coming out of a sidewalk in Battle Creek in recent years.
Nick was also in the top 10 in Art Prize the previous year for his large crow. We might want to buy his large crow statue also.
We just need to figure out how to keep kids from climbing on them or how to design them to be safe for that.

Some photos of Nick's sculptures (click on images to see larger versions)

Nick with a otter sculpture Tired Panda #10 winner of Art Prize Crow - one of top 50 art prize winners in 2012 Detail of Crow. Notice the tire treads


The Squirrel coulid be a theme for downtown window decorations etc.
The college bookstore is ordering black squirrel stuffed animals and has had black squirrel postcards in past years
where they were dressed as the British 8 marching band uniforms like the college. The black squirrels are very popular.

We would like to use "found items" to create the sculpture, perhaps something like parts from old foundries.
Here is an example of sculpture from recycled items.

The anniversary of the Molder Statue dedication was November 9, 1974. It's the 40 year anniversary coming up.
The same sculptor did the bust of Carl Gerstacker that is in Rob Hall downstairs. I am in touch with his son Dean Chesney.
Here is a link about that we need to get corrected to say Albion instead of Adrian.
This might be a way to demonstrate the new Albion that might be a great place for artists to live.

Gina from Gina's Pizza had an idea on how to make Albion even more of a artsy melting pot and tourist destination I can share with anyone later.


The image above is a billboard design or a bumper sticker that would get people to come to downtown Albion.
College kids would also come downtown for fun. There could be a hidden squirrel in the windows of shops,
similar to the "fairy doors" of Ann Arbor, or the arts project in Grand Rapids.

The animal shaped trash can below may well be one of the most important parts
- as it would go far to keep Albion clean and kids would have fun picking up. 
Ours would need to be redesigned as a squirrel of course.

Albion supports the arts
Click Here to see Mural Design
(rough concept created in March 2005 by Albion artist Maggie LaNoue)