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Storm Warnings
  • Great Local Storm map from NOAA. Intensity of approaching storms identified in color.
  • Overall storm map of US from Intellicast. Click on our region. Good for short term travel planning.
  • Storm coming? County by county storm map of Michigan. From Texas A&M University.
  • National Weather Service Information: Current Conditions, Forecasts, Watches and Warnings: Calhoun County
  • new6 day weather forecast from N.O.A.A. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (National Weather Service)
    Hourly State Weather Roundup
  • All warnings for Michigan
  • Forecasts
  • WeatherMichigan.com - this is the best new site for weather Michigan-style.
  • Weather Underground - Albion Michigan Weather Forecast.
  • NewNOAA forecast. Very accurate. Specifially for Albion's longitude and latitude!
  • EarthWatch Weather headlines of the USA.
  • Four day forecast for this area, from CNN.
  • Forecast map for tomorrow - continental USA - from CNN.
  • Current conditions and five day forecast for Jackson Michigan from USA Today.
  • NOAA Great Lakes short-range weather forecast maps. Useful especially for sailing, ballooning, hang-gliding, etc.

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    Weather Phenomena
  • Hurricanes- a special report from CNN
  • Weather Patterns Are Changing, and So Are Your Chances of Being Flooded -- from the Consumer Information Catalog - the US Government - Great info online!!
  • World weather map(and more) from Intellicast.
  • Here are graphics and text that examine various weather phenomena, including the basics of things such as winds, what goes on in thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes, or how dust from the Sahara Desert sometimes crosses the Atlantic Ocean. From USA Today.

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