Where is Albion, Michigan?


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 Statistics & Facts


 Zip Code  - 49224

 The population of Albion is approximately 10066.

The approximate number of families is 3656.

  The amount of land area in Albion is 10.885 sq. kilometers.

The amount of surface water is 0.098 sq kilometers:.

            The distance from Albion to Washington DC is 483 statute miles.

The distance to the Michigan state capital, Lansing, is

    33 statute miles. (Statute miles are "as the crow flies")

    Albion is positioned 42.24 degrees north of the equator

and 84.75 degrees west of the prime meridian.



highway map of Albion

Detroit to Albion Map

Driving directions from Detroit Michigan -estimated travel time is 1 hours, 24 minutes

 Take I-94 and go West for 90.6 miles

 take Exit 124 I-94-BR M-99 to Albion/Eaton Rapids" and go North for 0.3 miles

 Turn right on M-99 and go Southwest for 3.0 miles

Albion was founded by the Forks of the Kalamazoo River.
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