A Young Writer from Albion, New York
Contributes this Information.


I live in Albion N.Y.

I'm writing for my family. Recently I have visited your website of www.albionmich.com.

I must say it is quite a good site. I wish my town had a site like that.

You see my town is the same town your town's founder came from.

Of course the place I'm talking about is picturesque Albion,New York.

In this e-mail I will show you some pictures of our town.

<----- This is a picture of our county Clerk's office.

<------ This is the seal of our county. The picture is of our Courthouse. this building is the pride and joy of Albion, NY and the whole county.

Like you we have many churches. Our town has about 17-18 churches. Most of them ring the courthouse square.

Our population is just slightly lower than yours. But we don't call ourselves a city.

Well that's about all I have to say except if you want to know more about us visit these sites: www.orleansny.com, www.orleansny.com/Tourism/.

Oh I almost forgot to mention our annual Strawberry fest in early-mid June.

Editors note: Find out more of the Albion New York area from DougUSA.com.


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