City of Albion


created by Albion Design for the

Diversity Action Team

worked with Police Chief L.J. McKeown


This was our first project. We worked with neighborhood watch chairperson Hazel Vandevender. This 3' x 5' flag is displayed at all Neighborhood Watch meetings and also is displayed at city hall. This design shows the forks of the Kalamazoo River in Albion, the diversity of our people and the active role that the Public Safety plays in keeping our community safe and friendly. We are all part of the team.

  Next, we created street banners for downtown. These banners were on every other street light up and down Superior Street in Albion. Unity and Diversity was the theme of the Diversity Action Committee. We needed a symbol to graphically show this theme in the simplest possible way. Since the forks of the river have played a major role in Albion's history for many years, we chose them to represent the unity and diversity slogan.

   The banners brightened up Superior Street in Albion for a few months, until we put up our holiday displays. We will put them up again next year.


These projects were made possible through a grant from the Kellogg Foundation.


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