Qualifications for the

African American

And People of Color


I began the Hall of Fame in Albion, Michigan to honor minority individuals who had achieved distinction.   I spoke with men and women of every profession.  I began to bring my concept into reality by making a random poll of respected community members.  Those individuals chosen for the Hall of Fame (and those not mentioned yet,) are distinguished by their community service, their achievement in their chosen field and their position as role models to others in their community and to the rest of the world. 

As I continued my poll, I found that the individuals mentioned were consistently respected by others, and looked upon as role models in not only the Albion community but a much wider community.  I chose to begin the Hall of Fame in Albion, Michigan first, because it is my home town.  But to a larger extent, Albion has become known as a community that welcomes newcomers and is friendly to minorities.  

As my Hall of Fame has grown, other communities have expressed an interest in developing their own Hall of Fame.  I am welcoming other communities to contact me.  I hope that by calling attention to these men and women who have strived to excel, that I will give encouragement to others to try to do their best. 

I want to thank the people of each community for helping with this list of people for the Hall of Fame. 


- Jerome Washington 

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