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Albion Michigan - Saturday, October 5

The fall colors of this day added to the ever changing beauty of the growing work of art. Here is an overall view of the work on the day of public showing. Visitors came from around the world to see the showing on this day.

Each of the white squares represents a quilt piece of art
created by students and artists around the world.

In this closeup view of the center, you can see the organic balloon shaped that changed with the temperature of the air, and the direction of the wind. Notice the design in the middle. This was taken from the National Resource Center for Healing Racism, also located on the Starr Commonwealth Campus.


Their logo is shown left, so you can recognize it in the crop design above.

This logo was designed by one of the residents of Starr Commonwealth to depict the unity of mankind. It seemed appropriate as the centerpiece of the World Peace Initiative Albion showing. Albion is also known for its unity and diversity. (See the Festival of the Forks photo tour for more information about Albion.)

See the night time view below to see this logo illuminated.

As the night progressed, the scene changed with campfires, and the flame from the hot air balloon illuminated the scene. The sense of peace, that the work of art was designed to share, was noticable, as the event came to a close. More showings of the World Peace Initiative will be taking place in other locations in other countries around the world.


More photos from "on the ground" coming soon!
Check back for more images!


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