African American

And People of Color



Jerome displaying the Hall of Fame

Jerome Washington

The following individuals are currently featured
in the 
Hall of Fame

Rev. William Murphy 

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Highway - 1985

Dr. Von Washington 
Actor and Professor at Western Michigan University

Harry Bonner - see photo below 
Minority Program Services

Charles Snyder 
Albion Housing Commission - over 30 years

James McIntosh -  
Dr. Daniel Boggan Jr. 
Graduated from Albion College in 1967

Dorothy Perkins 
Teaching for over 30 Years in Albion Schools

Charles W. Jones 
Albion's First Black Mayor

Charles Henderson 
Blanche Wilson 
Barbara Gladney 
Mildred Biggs 
39 years of valued service to Albion Public Schools

Ruth Ferguson 
Taught in Albion Schools for 29 years.

Tillman Cornelius 
 Albion's First Full-time Recreation Director

Vivian Davis 
Dr. Dolores Smiley 
Assoc. Dir. for Marketing and Cluster Group Development
Nova Southeastern Univ. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Albion's Tuskegee Airmen  from World War II
Richard Weatherford
Grover Crumsby
Mr. Finis Holt

Artist Jerome Washington at the Hall of Fame with Harry Bonner.

Albion's Tuskegee Airman from WW2
Dick Weatherford, Tuskegee Airman
Dick Weatherford, Pilot
Grover Crumsby
Grover Crumsby, Pilot
Finis Holt
Finis Holt, Radio Man
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The African American and People of Color Michigan Hall of Fame
is sponsored in part by Minority Program Services of Albion.

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