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Early Monday, Nov. 4, the marketplace area of downtown Albion was the place to be as local, state and federal government officials, health care representatives, school children and community members joined the Albion Health Care Alliance Board of Directors for a special groundbreaking ceremony.

Hefting their shovels, three sets of “ground breakers” dug into the soft, rich earth of Albion to stake a claim upon the spot the Family Health Center of Albion will eventually sit. Of course, the actual groundbreaking occured a short while ago, as the huge hole behind the diggers attested to. As prayers, speeches, and congratulations rang out through the crisp autumn air, workers from Resun Construction steadily continued their task on the foundation of a new chapter in greater Albion’s health care.

The modular units making up the Family Health Center of Albion are scheduled to arrive later this month, a physician is already signed on, applications for a receptionist position and a nursing position are currently being accepted, and the project is on track for a December, 2002 deadline to open.

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