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November 4, 2002
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Modular Units roll into town!

Read the Albion E-News article about this event by Catherine Kerley!

This sign marks the spot of the future Health Center, which is being built at the location of the old elevator, in the Market Place in downtown Albion.
Peggy Sindt, CEO of Albion Economic Development Corporation, was the primary speaker at the groundbreaking ceremony.

An invocation was given by Pastor Tim Kurtz of John 3:16 church.

A good size crowd gathered to hear remarks.

The first speaker was mayor Bill Wheaton.
Mr. Wheaton described how, only 9 months ago, Trillium Hospital closed in Albion. The community and college collaborated to develop the concept of a health care center. This concept, Mr. Wheaton predicted, will be repeated in many other communities to bring health care to their residents, when a full size hospital is no long viable. Thanks were expressed to Battle Creek Health System, Oaklawn Hospital, Kellogg foundation and Albion Foundation. Between the good news of the Albion Health Care Center, and the recent opening of Kids 'N Stuff museum, Wheaton predicts Albion may once again become an "All American City."

This photo "Courtesy Catherine Kerley/Albion Information Services"


Two candidates running for Michigan State Senate, district 19, were on hand for this event.

Mark Schauer, Democrat, described Albion as a "Can-Do" community." He said Albion continues to face adversity head on and to rise to meet the challenges.



Micky Mortimer, Republican, also running for State Senate, described his role on the health committee and his efforts to help assure health care for all citizens.

He congratulated Albion on its successful efforts to finance the health center, which included $500,000 in Federal funding.


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