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The film "Turn Left on Hastings Street," had its premier showing in Albion on December 20. It was not what was expected by those who promoted it. If you would like to find out more, read the review from the Albion Recorder.

Albion Recorder Review by Managing Editor Bill Bridges:
'Turn Left' an unfortunate disaster

Albion E-news sent a blanket apology for the event, with some insights on Albion's citizen's trusting nature.


The following information was published to promote the film that was supposed to be about the Purple Gang's connection to Albion.

Dec. 14, 2002 - From the ALBION E-NEWS - A Service of the Forks Initiative ( "Keeping the community current"

"Turn Left On Hastings Street," an R-rated film about the notorious Purple Gang partially filmed in Albion, will premier at the New Bohm Theatre in downtown Albion on Friday, Dec. 20. Three show times have been scheduled: 5 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m.

The Albion Downtown Development Authority and Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce are inviting the public to help celebrate the event by dining at Cascarelli's prior to the showing(s). The price includes complimentary hors d' oeuvres and 'bathtub' punch, and features a prime rib or chicken cordon bleu dinner. Dinner seatings are from 5-5:30 p.m. and 7:30-8 p.m. The film is a production of independent filmmaker Cliff Lance's DMK film Studios. Vintage costumes and reservations are encouraged.

Cost of the dinner is $15; cost for the movie is also $15 making the total price of the dinner plus premier package $30.

For more information call the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce at (517) 629-5533.


Nov. 14, 2002 - From the ALBION E-NEWS -

'TURN LEFT ON HASTINGS STREET' CONTINUES FILMING An original independently produced film which recently shot footage in Albion is now on the road to Idlewild, Michigan. Cliff Lance, an independent filmmaker with DKM Film Studios has been filming 'Turn Left On Hastings Street,' a gritty look at the notorius Purple Gang, that once haunted the streets of mid-Michigan.

On Saturday, Nov. 16, at 9 a.m., University Theater Director, Katherine LaPiatra will lend actors from Ferris State University film school, to team up with DKM Films cast and crewÝ at the Flamingo Club, in Idlewild. County Supervisor, Donel Brown, has made the historical club available as Lance retells his period piece ofÝthe exploits of Michiganís Purple Gang from the 1920ís to the Golden Days of Idlewild, in the 40ís and then wraps up the story in Detroit in the 1970ís.

Lance says he and his crew have filmed in more than 20 Michigan cities, incorporating local actors into the film. ìTurn Left On Hastings Streetî, is the raw, brutal, earthy and poignant story of a street and a gang that became a legend in their own time," says Lance.Ý"Hastings Street, in the 1920ís, with the help of Prohibition, spawned a notorious group of gangsters known as the PurpleÝGang.

ÝThough not as well known as the Capones, and Dillingers of the same time period, the Purples were a integral fixture of the gangster era." Lance adds that although the Gang were "feared by many - they also played Robin Hood to others.ÝHeaded by the Bernstein brothers, they battled with Chicagoís Al Capone for control of the lucrative bootleg industry - which got a leg up on the rest of the country when MichiganÝpassed the Damon Act, in 1917, giving the Purples a jump on the rest of the country.

The rest of the county didnít come on board until two years later with the passage of the National law, the Volsted Act." Al Slater, of Canduit Productions of Los Angeles, will handle national distribution of the feature which, according to Lance, will have a Dec. 20 gala premier in Albion.

As in the recent Albion filming, Lance says extras dressed in 40ís attire are welcome at the Idewild site. "If youíve a desire to be an extra in the film ìTurn Left On Hastings Street/The Ghosts of the Purple Gangî, or have vintage cars or clothing from the 1940ís, then come to the Flamingo Club, in Idlewild, dressed in 40ís attire on Saturday, Nov. 16, at 9 a.m.," invites Lance. (Directions to Flamingo Club, Idlewild, MI:Ý take US 10 to Broadway(This is a Flashing Light), go South on Broadway to MLK (Martin Luther King) Dr. turn right on MLK dr. go two and a half blocks, to Flamingo Club. Beige bldg. with brown trim. (Shoot time 9 a.m.)Ý



Read the great article in the Pleiad, the Albion College newspaper,
about the Purple Gang filming in Albion!

See photos of Albion Community Theatre members posing as the Purple Gang.

Detroit News article about film "Turn Left on Hastings Street."

A movie about the Purple Gang is being produced by independant film maker Cliff Lance of DKM Film Studios. Find out more about DKM Film Studios.

This film will have its premier viewing at the Bohm Theater later this fall, according to local sources.

This feature will debut this fall 2002 at theaters, also according to local sources.

Thursday, October 31
Director Cliff Lance & et. al. will be on the
Hotline program with Dave Eddy on WBCK 930 AM on Thursday 9-10 AM .

Feedback from local participants
This film, entitled "Turn Left on Hastings Street," which is being produced by a independent film maker, is not for the faint-of-heart. The film will be rated R, due to violence and profanity.


From the guestbook

October 13, 2002 10:38 AM
CLIFF LANCE [Homepage] [Email] Detroit,MI

entry 128

I am indebted to you for the information in your articles on the Purple Gang. It has been a great place to confirm some of the other stories I have been told regarding the Purple Gang. I am an independent film maker making a film about the Purple Gang. ( Sept. 24, 2002) This feature will debut this fall 2002 at major theaters. As you are well aware there are so many stories about the Purples no one movie could hold all the information. I have used many historically authentic sites for the film. If possible I would like to interview you for the documentary DVD that will accompany the feature.
Cliff Lance
DKM Film Studios
313 863 8109

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